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Maroon with Grey Padding 31-50 Harness AND Red with Hearts 0-30 Harness

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Tablerock Harnesses has been creating a better functioning harness for your Weight Pull Studs and Gals since 2002. In that time we have developed a very balanced harness that will not constrict your dog's neck or ribs while working. Our harnesses are balanced in the neck to create the perfect environment for an equal pull off the top line and the bottom line of your dog.

Each harness is custom fit to your dog using the measurements listed on the "How to Measure Your Dog for a Weight Pull Harness" Page. These custom measurements are imperative to provide you with the completely balanced harness as stated above.

We take pride in our harnesses and will not ship your harness until it meets our "perfect harness" standards: Neck Balance, Symmetrical Lines on Each Side, and Proper Length for good Hooker Position. We also take the time to make sure each harness is unique and one of a kind when possible. If you have a crazy idea of what you would like your Weight Pull Harness to look like, just ask! We will search for the right fabrics and padding to match your zany idea!

Be Sure to Write In Your Dog's Measurements and Color Choices When Ordering Below


0-30 LBS - $45.00

Color Choices

31-50 LBS - $55.00

Color Choices

51-70 LBS - $60.00

Color Choices

71-90 LBS - $65.00

Color Choices

91-120 LBS - $70.00

Color Choices

**Due to each harness being completely individual and unique there are too many color options to list on the site. Nylon color, padding color, bar color and accents are all custom tailored to your pooch. Please email or call us (208-345-1834) to discuss the available options for your new harness!


This harness was made for our friends at Hansen Kennels for their little girl "Lil' G" a Patterdale Terrier who will soon be exciting the Weight Pull Crowds!

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Please refer to the "How to Measure Your Dog for a Weight Pull Harness" Page for details on measuring your dog!

Top Detail:

Handle for easy grab at end of pull

Cross Back Support to keep harness aligned on dog

Bottom Detail:

Padding can be extended entire length of harness

Bar spacing from Hooker allows for limited slap

Length of harness balanced from front to back to ensure proper alignment


Chest Detail:

Neck Piece and Belly Piece DoubleX Stitched before assembly to secure the harness

Chest Spacer equalizes the Neck Straps to keep the top of the harness in line with the bottom of the harness

All pieces are box stitched and X stitched to guarantee strength and durability at high competition weights


Neck Detail:

Top and Bottom of neck and harness are balanced to guarantee an even pull down the track

Foam padding is sewn underneath the fleece at the neck line for added cushion and support

Top of Neck is DoubleX stitched for strength

End Detail:

Spacer Bar is cut to length according to your dogs hip size

Spacer Bar is wrapped in tape to prevent any possibility of splintering through wear and tear

D-Ring is spaced at a distance far enough from the Spacer Bar to allow for some slack, but not far enough to allow for hard snaps

Proper centering of the D-Ring allows for the side to side balance on our custom built harness

All Packaged Up:

Your harness will come shipped to you the quickest, most convenient method possible for both you the customer and Tablerock Harnesses.

We guarantee the quality of our harnesses to be free of manufacturer defects.

If at any time you have a question about your harness feel free to contact us by email or 208-345-1834


Previous Harness Color Combinations:

Camouflage with Tan Padding

Black/Black with Black Padding

Black/Blue with Blue Padding

Black/Hot Pink with Black Padding

Black/Hot Pink with Hot Pink Padding

Black/Hot Pink with Light Pink Padding

Black/Hot Pink with Dark Grey Padding

Black/Maroon with Maroon Padding

Black/Purple with Black Padding

Black/Purple with Purple Padding

Black/Blue with Dark Grey Padding

Black/Blue with Light Blue Padding

Black/Chocolate Chip Camouflage with Tan Padding

Green/Black with Black Padding

Green/Black with Green Padding

Maroon with Black Padding

Black/Maroon with Dark Grey Padding

Red/Purple with Black Padding

Red/Black with Black Padding

Red/Blue with Blue Padding

Black/Red with Light Grey Padding

Black/Red with Red Padding

Red/Maroon with Maroon Padding

Red/Red with White Padding


Click each picture for more information!


Need a collar to match your harness? No problem!

Check out our Security Collars which can be custom matched to your new Weight Pull Harness!


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