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Tablerock Harnesses is proud to present our new Weight Pull Training Harness fully adjustable from puppy to adult. The harness is designed as a training tool to adjust your weight-puller-in-training to the feeling of having a harness on and working with the harness.

It is not intended to support weight training! Please order a custom weight pull harness if you are looking to work on weight training.

The full adjustment is seen in the neck, over the shoulders and across the back, harness length, and rib connecting points. Your dog will benefit from the basic training with this harness when the adjustments are balanced from side to side. Simply adjust the harness by:

adjust the neck measurement to fit from the breastbone to the top of the neck,

adjust the side straps as close to the last rib on your dog as possible,

adjust the rear strap so the harness does not hinder your dog's movement nor allow the dog to step through the back of the harness,

and finally double check that each side mirrors the other in final length.


Here are some shots of a pup using our Weight Pull Training Harness for the first time.

Note how the sides are adjusted to the last rib and the length is adjusted well behind the dog.


Training Harness - $25.00


When you purchase a Training Harness you will receive a 25% Discount toward the purchase of your competition Weight Pull Harness from Tablerock Harnesses and Dog Accessories. We suggest using your training harness until you are ready to begin weight training and do not suggest weight training until your dog has finished growing (approximately 18 months of age and longer for larger breeds). At that time we suggest measuring your dog for its very own, custom Weight Pull Harness.


Don't forget to redeem your 25% Discount within 2(two) years from the purchase date of your training harness. Due to the large number of customers we have we will not be able to send a reminder to each customer.


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